More about Quakers

Who we are...

About 40 people are attached to this Quaker meeting, with a usual attendance at Sunday Meetings for Worship of 15-20 people. Worship is often followed by a short period called "Afterword", when anyone can make a contribution or ask a question. Most people also stay for refreshments and conversation.

Quakers seek to experience the divine directly, within themselves and in their relationships with others and the world around them. Being a Quaker is a way of life rather than a set of beliefs.

We meet together for worship in local meetings which are inclusive and open to all.

The Quaker way has its roots in Christianity and finds inspiration in the Bible and the life and teachings of Jesus. Quakers also find meaning and value in the teachings of other faiths; we acknowledge that ours is not the only way.

Our focus is on experience rather than written statements of belief. Our sense of community does not depend on professing identical beliefs, but comes from worshipping, sharing and working together.

Quakers are committed to peace, equality, simplicity, integrity and truth. These commitments challenge us to relieve suffering and to work for positive social change.

Our Community 

The Meeting is a covenanted member of Hall Green Churches Together.  We are active in many local and national Quaker groups and campaigns, including Talking Friends (audio versions of Quaker publications), the New Foundation Fellowship, Quaker Green Action, Interfaith Groups, the Quaker Lesbian and Gay Fellowship, and the Friends’ Fellowship for Healing.  

The Meeting House is well-used by the local community, with a morning playgroup during school terms and a variety of clubs and societies in the afternoons and evenings.  
Members and visitors may borrow books from the small Quaker library in the Meeting House.

If you are interested in booking a room for your group or other event, go to Contact us